Sulfur is an exceptional element which is used for many purposes since ancient times. Chemical symbol "S" is sulfur atom is a nonmetallic element pure crystalline form. It melts at 116 degrees, 445 degrees of boiling. The product is flammable and explosive.

 Today, sulfur is used in the production of sulfuric acid which is the most widely known acid.  Other area of usage for sulphur is; fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, leather, cleaning and water treatment .

Obviously, sulfur is an essential element for life. The human body is requires sulphur 1 g per day.  This need is met by using natural methods of plant foods. Therefore, it is vital for a natural element sulfur plants. As is the importance of sulfur for agriculture;

  • It lowers the soil pH. Thereby dissolving the precipitated salt, such as lime and soil structure improves the quality of the soil.
  • Increases in soil microorganism activity and improves the structure of soil organic matter.
  • The plant provides the basic nutrients it needs to take.
  • Sulfur plant fulfils their needs.
  • It prevents and resolves mushrooms and fungi in the soil disease .

To demonstrate the most effect of sulfur fertilizer should be used for any appropriate form and amount. Sulfert Chemicals, past experience for the agricultural sector with the most appropriate form based on the quality of sulfur provide alternatives.

Micronize Sulphur

Micron; words is a unit of measurement equivalent to one thousandth of a millimeter. The micronized powder is a form of the material has become very very small. Thus, the surface area of the product is enhanced.

Lowering the pH of the soil as plant food intake is extremely essential as is an element essential to plant their diet. Visualized in use sulfur yield increase it is observed early harvest and quality improvement. In addition, plant protection from many diseases, helps to remove the fungus and mildew.

It is usually consumable before sowing, it is used as 10 to 40 kg per hectare. We are advised to seek professional help for appropriate use dosage.

Bentonite Sulphur

Bentonite is a soft, porous and easily formed open slab composed of clay minerals with very small crystals formed by chemical decomposition or degradation of volcanic ash, tuff and lavas rich in aluminum and magnesium. Bentonite is a plant for the minerals that are important for agriculture.

Bentonite, which provides the necessary inorganic minerals for the plant, provides a very suitable nutrition for the plant by adding organic materials (carbon content) produced by various methods. Sulfert Chemical is one of the rare companies in Turkey specialized in the production of organic bentonite.

Zinc Bentonite

Zinc bentonite name is given to the bentonit reinforced with zinc element. The nutritional value in terms of zinc provides significant nutrition in the production of high yields.

Copper Bentonite

Bentonite is given copper bentonite / cupper bentonite name on the toughened reinforced copper element. The nutritional value in terms of copper provides significant nutrition in the production of high yields.

Iron Bentonite

Bentonite is given an iron bentonite name on the toughened reinforced iron element. The nutritional value in terms of iron provides important nutrition in the production of high crops.

Aluminium Sulphate

Aluminum sulphate is a chemical compound containing aluminum element and sulphate roots (sulfur and oxygen). It is a white crystalline material and rarely spontaneously formed in nature. In the case of industrial aluminum hydroxide is reacted with sulfuric acid is produced.

Aluminum sulphate has been an important compound throughout history. Aluminum sulphate together with potassium sulphate is also known as alum name in our country. It has a very important place in food, health, water treatment, fertilizer, feed industry and industrial production. Drinking water treatment is the most common use. Because it is a very good filtering agent, it is used for the process of removing undesired material from the environment by collapsing the production process.

As a pH regulator in agriculture it helps to enrich the soil with mineral.

Sulfert is manufacturing aluminum sulphate production facilities with high standards in world standards. Our products are used safely and happily by our customers who have adopted Sulfert quality both in the domestic market and in the foreign market.

Ferrous Sulphate

It is a chemical compound containing iron sulphate, iron element and sulphate roots (sulfur and oxygen). Green crystal structure. Iron is a critical element for plants, just as it is in human and animal life. Iron is an indispensable element for the formation of chlorophyll, which is the part of the plant that takes carbon dioxide and gives oxygen. The plant will fulfill iron needs from the soil, in the case of deficiency, the crop will stop growing, the yield will decrease. Iron sulphate is most suitable products  when iron is needed in the soil. Sulfert Chemicals's iron sulphate product contains at least 20% iron in its content. This leaves the iron need for young leaves and new shoots. It also fulfills the sulfur needs of the plant with the sulphate content.

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